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All this you failed to obtain because you let yourself be ruled by power sick and materialistic scientists and militaries. Those who really should be sent to your court in Haag charged for criminal acts against humanity is exactly those individuals within science and military which is responsible for the present way of thinking and suppressions in connection to this.

We will not accept that the cultures you have created until now without control are spread into the galaxy, possibly in cooperation with other civilisations with a negative imperialistic agenda.

We will therefore intervene before that happens. This is because this project has the potential to change the course your civilisation is heading against, which we would like to be different.

If the project meets total ignorance in media we are tempted to use our technology to influence the right persons in media so the message gets to the public.

Translated from Norwegian by Tor Opdahl Proposals for a peaceful solution in Iraq. This chapter is especially written for the present situation on Earth.

It is sent to many politicians, newspaper and TV-stations around the world. I hope the reader like it, and will send it further to people on your email-list, who perhaps might be interested in it.

During this chapter I have investigated the worst case path of Earth from its present situation. I have built in key element scenarios from the Bible and Nostradamus.

They seam all to fit in introduced by the Hawk-era of Americans politics, the USA-Israel coalition and Ariel Sharon as a great Asian leader with enormous power, through Zionism and secret societies.

This is not a chapter for sceptics. I have tried to draw the big picture, from ancient history to a galactig future, from the Atlantis-tradgedy, via a third world war and towards galactic imperialsm.

I have investigated human consciousness, also capable of sending and receiving darkness, a kind of telepathy, a kind of channelling, of other negative beings and their agendas.

By that, everything seams to fall into place, for the worst case scenarios to happen. It also seams like certain forces, on both sides, wants to create enemies on purpose.

A lot of the American acts, proposals and attitude seams to channel: Worst case scenarios depends on fallen souls of possible white forces. Colin Powell have argued hawks and those who speaks about the "the evil axis" into position, forces he will not be able to control himself.

He is still a man with better balanced views than the rest of the USA-gang, but he represents a splittet toung, their white alibi, and the rest of the world do therefore have to take charge themselves.

March 7 th George W. Bush did once again say he will throw away the UN path, and go to war alone. World security may depend on people being observable and expose the beings capable to draw Earth in negative directions.

That could in many cases depend on key individuals being disloyal, which in this matter is to be loyal to Earth and the forces of light.

The world fluctuates between to great scenarios: One can be chosen. Both can be chosen. Both can be avoided. The USA has run a though and manipulative game outside decistions in the UN, and are present with strong forces in Iraq, still capable of getting it as their hawk-forces wants, which gradually could lead to the worst case scenarios.

If the great war starts, people may only see evil against evil, and could perhaps not be so focused on the Americans starting the war.

People will be focused on the great terrorist act starting the war, perhaps done by Antichrist himself, without the world knowing it.

Even with such a scenario, it would be fare more dangerous to let the Americans loose, than to fight down evil strategically, by bulding bridges between the positive forces in each country of the world.

The world must not be foreign to go into an economic war against the USA, because they are now giving rise to the most dangerous forces of Earth, and denies Earth from introducing more positive thinking and paths.

Going into the galaxtic era positively means that Earth are capable to expose the negative forces capable of manipulating us. It was a so called channelling laid out on the Internet late or early , claimed to be from Jesus, as one of first tipped my that certain forces wishes a great war in the Middle East.

It plays no role if I believe in that or not, because I have found it very probable. Strong forces wants that; a war, a great war, in the Middle East, perhaps also other places.

In the same period, I think, late — early , I saw an American movie or series on television, where the issue in a section of the movie was white Americans planting nuclear bomb s in another country, tro create an enemy.

I did then get a strong beep in my left ear. Most of what I write is independent philosophy, spiced with some speculations now and then.

That do the reader have to judge from. The beepings startet late , and I have concluded them to be from own individuals, that I am not capable to see.

The beepings do never come in situations where there is nothing to learn from them, but it may happen sometimes that I do not understand what the beep wanted to tell me.

It may also happen that I misunderstand the beep, and draws it towards not entirely correct conclusions. Somethimes, when I do not understand, I get som correcting beeps, turns me into the path, something they regards very important.

I stay loyal to my inner helpers, as my highest loyal source of beings. This chapter is of a very difficult balance, and I have secured to not send it out before allowed and well balanced, even if itching to send something of it out earlier.

They advised me that I had more to write. But I had to take the final decition, did I not? This is not an alien or beyond agenda. I wrote this chapter.

I had to take the final decition. I am the one to blaim. I am responsible for it. They gave me advises according to my own will.

But my will is a voice of Earth. I am to be regarded as a participator of the many voices of Earth. But I am also a voice that looks down to Earth observing the present situation, from that point of view.

I am both voices. I am sceptical about telling about this source of mine, because someone could se it as me getting directions directly from God and that God are not speaking to the rest of you.

That is not true. But out from my heart I say: I want to tell the reader about the great news that we are not alone. I want to tell the reader that this chapter is not written from unnecessary scepticism.

I want to tell the reader that I draws pictures from knowing about the beyond, and from that knowledge I draw a wider perspective for the present situation than the sceptics wants me to.

Such pictures may even be necessary to be able to see solutions for our time. But sadly enough, the Sirians, some of our galactic friends observing Earth, do not seam to see it that way.

This chapter is not for sceptics. The sceptics may instead read chapter I regard religion as dangerous too. I do not think this chapter is ment to persuade key persons in this key time of history, even if my hope, emailing it out, is that key perons shall read it.

That will probably not be the case during these stressed times. This chapter may probably work as an alternative way to look at things in the long run, and that is what I mostly wants to track my writings into, setting a general print of history, present and possible future.

My beepers have never tracked me into criticing specific individuals. That is my own choice. They have neither tracked me into criticising those who are named "the Sirians".

This entiry chapter is my own choice, even if I am tracked into it. I am the one to be blaimed, if some relative views are limited and incorrect.

This chapter is fully my responsibility. I do not know if my helpers wanted my attesion to a general happenings, including many types of weapons. But I have stikked to the angle that Americans are doing such things.

My opinion is that those heros have kept us away from something that throught the decades all together have crated far more cruelty than the second world war.

I think, that if a nuclear bomb explodes in the near future, for example in the USA, then it could this just as much have been caused by western white skinned dark forces as eastern dark forces, pure manipulative produced.

Nothing is yet given for how Earth manages to handle its dark forces, which exists just as much in the USA and Israel as in other countries.

A possible scenario, perhaps the most probable today , could just as probably become that the back stage forces for the Israel-USA-coalition blows a nuclear bomb, or just the Zionist behind stage forces, perhaps in the USA, blame it on others, and gags therefore the world with "what did we say" — "hereafter you have to listen to us", and power-takes therefore a strengthened and worsified world dominion.

I cannot prove my inner direction giving helpers. Neither can the reader. We will not be heard, like the conspiracy theorists will neither, if we claim the Americans are planting weapons on purpose to create enemies.

Therefore we have to judge on the factor, like collecting stamps. Earth have to evaluate seriously if creating enemies on purpose is going on, not just because of Isreali and American stupidity.

To be able to judge correctly, I think we have to understand there exists both positive and negative forces in the USA.

The acts and statements from the USA are mixed, sometimes resulting to positivity and sometimes to negativity. But I also think we have to understand that dark forces have had an enormous dangerous hidden power on the USA, as in every country, which have directed Earth, with USA in chief position, with hidden communication lines, in negative directions.

I think the reader will understand, that my heart belongs to the Americans as well, but that I now have to confront USA as a totality.

It could be even more difficult to stop the Americans if not collecting negative factors, like collecting stamps, and use it against them, perhaps later in an UN court or resolution.

If not collecting the factors, the Americans will go on and on and on, because the world will not be able to use strength and arguments enough against them.

We have seen how USA is using collected factors in the UN, but not good enough to convince the world to go into the path they wants.

I think world security may depend on Earths capability to collect factors against USA. If the Earth not is willing to do that, I think USA is more than willing to collect factors against others, probably most against their evil axis.

Supervising Earth is good, but not in the way the Americans are doing it. Earth needs also the supervising of the USA. I appreciate that the positive part of USA wants to supervise positively, but not that dark synthesis in many ways seams to control much of this.

Are these factors just speculations? Statements from the Hawks shows that the next country could become North Korea. The Americans are provoking in that area too.

Other belives Iran could be the next country. Nils Jordet, Dagbladet March 9 th The hippies should of course dress well and act representative, and perhaps not to much either.

I think we should realise that some politicians would do better by doing nothing. Making hard demands, from limited hierarchical thinkers like some Americans, against sentriflatical thinkers as the North Koreans, do I not think is the wisest thing to do.

I saw Colin Powell did send over a hippy-like person to North Korea, but I do not think that will help enough, since the Bush-administration is using its sables too much.

I think the collected factors and paths of creating enemies are not totally conscious for many of those who are dragging in such directions. But many of them seams to be conscious on creating enemies, but perhaps not all of them are bearing in mind biblical and Nostradamian scenarios.

If they do, they probably see it from the angle of necessary Heroism of our time. An even higher level may be galactic imperialism, "helpers" or influencers of a darker purpose than I regard those inner helpers of mine.

Galactic imperialism and inner influencers are debated more later in this chapter. Primitivity is equal in size both in East and Vest.

Confrontations of the negative have to be done. Confrontations in form of war should be avoided and may make bad worse, where evil just will multibly and reinforce.

Earth is in a cleaning up phase, putting demands for that these things, this and that, - do we not want to have. That regimes with Bush and Sharon as front figures for that do I not think will serve the best for Earth develloment.

They are the provocators and the manipulators. Their regimes are building the world into a self justifying funnel, which ends into: The ages of the Hawks is established, from beyond stage to fully taking place on the stage, and will continue to grow, even without Sharon and Bush in power positions.

Antichrist and the third world war is by many people predicted to come in that way; that darkness first plays the cowl of light.

Thereafter his growth will be by creating enemies, play on fear, and on this way bring the world into the unthinkable. But time can be a strong river.

It seam that the track of the third world war is reintroduced. Ariel Sharon has emerged as the best candidate as Antichrist ever, in my point of view, or as the top chief for what can be called the spirit Antichrist, like Christ also just is a titling on a spirit not nessesarily individualised that have taken residence in the individual, or opposite; the individual have taken residence in the spirit.

Ariel Sharon is a person the consciously are doing provocations and terror, and gets away with it, because of, among other things, being protected by the big cowl of the USA.

Then we can quickly get that he gets a chief role in the battle against the Muslim world, such he is already having conversations with Bush about when to start the war ref.

Ariel Sharons great advantage to step forward as the king of evil, is that he today is well hidden between Gorge W.

Bush and Saddam Hussain. I will not look away from that freemasons and equal religious people consider Saddam Hussain to be the potensial Antichrist, or was the potesial Antichrist.

But the same freemasons should wisely not rule out Ariel Sharon possibly becoming the biggest figure for darkness on Earth, and in a general sphere where my proposal can be regarded as one of the many Day of Judgements prophets, I do not think many of the freemasons will rule out my proposal at once, like many other will.

If freemason and people in other hidden orders should see this potential threat, then they should understand that world security may depend on them being disloyal towards their own hierarchy structures, which on the top and in the periphery seams to be controlled by darker forces, and perhaps by Zionist forces themselves.

Perhaps the control is not so conscious, but structures of mind interpheres. Time may depend on that profiled persons are allowed to step forward, even if they have another important job and another important role to take care of.

If for instance freemasons, in their positions, fights against that profiled persons can burn for something privately, and at the same time do their job neutral, then this can be one of the many factors which builds under and allows a third world war.

I choose to see your role as the freemason in many decitions, not as the chief. I think a lot of those proclaims is projections of people doing such things themselves.

Freemasons, and the level above, have their own codes ref. I think Bernander knows those codes, and that using them in democracy is against Norwegian laws.

My helpers told me to investigate such things as secret codes more, but I have not had the time for it. Bernander may be dangerous if he denies to expose it.

I guess they are using those codes for instance when the rates of interests are going to be changed, useful to rearrange ones disposals in time, if necessary, especially when the sentral bank chief do not notify it for the public on forehand.

It is pure speculations. Secret language and codes among military personell I can understand very well. But if secret societies, ruling some of the security thinking, in negative paths, - then I think it is very dangerous.

It is also very dangerous for world security it such people control paths of economic thinking. Time depends on that we are confronting negative forces on both sides.

To start a war in Iraq could be to confront wrong. Everybody agrees on that Saddam Hussain must be disarmed. But not everybody is as hot tempered as USA to start a war no matter what, as the only possible way.

I think that the pressure now is present anyway, February 5 th , and that this sphere must be made the most out of until the last minute, until it possibly shows up to not work anyway.

Saddam Hussein is probably a man that himself is imprinted with a lot of fear, behind all the people he stays behind, and behind his thick shells. George W, Bush is also just a boy with a lot of fear.

Among the fears is not being liked, and he wants to be a big man, like his father. To become a big man, he will not like to loose the Iraq question.

The Americans are thinking about Saddam Hussain: We will remove him, by taking his life, war! Perhaps Heroism for the public in that area just after the liberation, but thereafter it may be harder.

The USA may decide to rule longer than planned, and be present with strong military forces for years as planned , because of fearing mass destruction weapons still are digged into the ground.

Figths may continue, USA becomes even more unpopular, and terrorist acts increases. I do not like to say it, but to remove Saddam, in the way of the hamburger nation, can be more dangerous than not doing it.

Spirits lives on, both in the physical, where the person comes from, and in the non-physical, the place where the person comes to. Life and consciousness is not a result from lifeless particles in combination.

Eveything is one, and consciousness transfers to behind the quantum fluctuating level, which the quantum physists believes is particles jumping from nothingness.

God is like the ocean. If one tries to remove a handful from it, the ocean immediately will cover the place. Negative individuals, or negativity in general, will no matter what have to be transform to positivity one or another place in the wholeness.

They will not have the same physical power, here and now. They will not have the same physical power, here and now, but will over a very long time rebuild again, but probably on a compleate other place and other individuals, if they still choses to be negative.

They will now and then come back to the same place Earth if they are carrying on a revenge thought through "eternity", which I understand Earth have had negative experiences with before, but in other contexts and with other lengths of lives, infiltration, finally resulting to the Atlantis tradegy ref.

Earth today is a setting where before life memory is forgotten, but where individual can channel their basic negativity from previous lives.

There exists time-sharing, for you and me, for clairvoyant people, but also for very negative individuals, channelling their own soul.

I will not refer to any specific literature. Instead the reader may philosophise on the different possibillities we can have, provided that life after the physical death do in fact exist.

Given that different kind of lives on "the other side" do exist, that the law on energy constancy is wrong in a physical perspective, but not in the perspective of the wholeness, - then the reader can philosophise over if there can exist influence, positive and negative, between the physical and world we cannot sense.

Is there certain structures of mind negative influence can work through? For that these negative individuals shall be able to come back, and continue being negative, depends on that there exists a darkness they can introduce themselves via.

The pure light will never have anything from the forces of darkness. Besides, in surroundings of much light will not these negative energies reach through to just as well to the potencial more negative individuals, unless infiltrating over very long time, lowering the light.

Opposite will the potential negative individuals join a rising in light. Bush did not kill bad thoughts with the bottle.

He did not kill a negative spirit of the USA by putting people in the electric chair. Will he be able to kill terrorism by bottle politics? To "remove" a person can also be done by removing the fear from that person.

His security could be guarantied if he goes voluntarily from his power position, to save many human lives. But I do not think Saddam will let himself be persuaded to leave his position, or that western war agreesors will allow an attempt to do it in this way.

We do not know if it will work before anybody tries. Every individual shall sooner or later walk tha path of light, then why not try from this very moment, also my redusing ones own hate, and ones own fear, Mr.

The game seams to be about who is going to be the Hero and who is not. Then the good Americans should be psychologist and tell Mr.

Bush what is real Heroism in these matters, if the Americans are capable of doing that. I do not even know if I believe in my own proposal; protecting Saddam, but I have great beliefs in that a gowing mature world will think more and more in that way, generally speaking, avoiding war, but of course judging from case to case.

At the same time should of cource these individuals be left out from intercourse, manipulative power and infiltrative power. I have greater belief in my own proposal, protecting Saddam, or keeping him at power, if he continues to be cooperative, and even more cooperative.

The Americans should tell Goerge W. Bush that the Americans have participated well, in making Saddam cooperative, and that this is Heroism enough. Tell the man that it is Heroism to follow the security counsel and Earth democracy.

Tell the man that following the minds of the Hawks is not Heroism. Tell him listening to the Hawks could result to a third world war.

Tell him that his acts of his own will result in USA not being the Heros, especially in the long run. Hollywood seam to see that. Bush, you should listen to those who knows about the game of Heroism.

You should not listen to those who make all space aliens enemies, creating unnecessary fear in the human hearth, but generally speaking, you should listen to Hollywood, status March 9 th I do not know the correct balance against George W.

Making him a Hero to much could intoxicate his spiritual hierarchical heart too much, like also Colin Powell seams to be a cowboy these days, like he foresaw, being part of the Bush administration.

Saddam Hussain did not want to destroy some rockets, because claiming to need them for the protection against USA during the war.

That is not good. We have seen how keen USA is on attacking country by country, and destabilise the area. That is far worse. Saddam Hussain canged his mind about the rockets.

We should in each case stick to the demand of destroying the rockets. Of course, and we did. But that must also be followed up by a released and new politics by the UN, depending on Iraq being cooperative.

Earth is a planet that runs a lot of its security thinking based on weapons. The synthesis could be a resolution that demands that Saddam destroys weapons, but also that UN guarantees the defence of Iraq, and also the opposite: I do not think Saddam should be left alone with his people once again.

I see a solution could be an independent Iraq, but that military and non military forces are present, with persons capable of observing and giving demands on Saddam, if not behaving well.

Keeping an elected man in that way, under observation, not dangerous, could become too difficult, keeping him away from suppressing his own people.

But I think we should try it, closing us into him in that way, which could become the least dangerous, but also one of the most dangerous, if the Americans are too much present in those forces, with belonging agendas.

Also the dark forces may see synthesis in such directions, and may hijack the path, like they already have acted on their own.

Their new hijackings may result worse. Creating a new UN resolution, specific for Iraq, should perhaps include when a new election should be, with Saddam not for election.

If a UN resolution are made general for removing all long sitting dictators on Earth, the the resolution should also include formulas that will not allow the Americans or other nations to act on their own.

Earth have to judge case by case. This kind of pact and security; UN protecting a country from other contries, and opposite , will as a totality, and as times go on, lead to world security based on lesser weapons.

It is up to rest of the world to choose a track where we can base our economic thinking on lesser weapons. At the same time as guaranteeing the security of Iraq, the UN must loosen on some of the blockade.

It is time to build up Iraq in positive ways, without destroying the country first. World democracy must sometimes stand above democracy in one single country.

But we have the situation that the people elected their leader. Saddam Hussain is not all to blame, because it is up to the people to create unity against evil and oppose negative leaders, no matter situation.

If they are not capable to unite, they must look into themselves, their own thoughts, there own feelings, their own thougt systems. If they are not capable of making unities, debates and positions in positive way, then perhaps there is something wrong about their way of thinking.

Therefore we seam to have to build up Iraq through those existing leaders, but were of course UN is the real leadership and the demanders.

But Saddam Hussain will be given a great opportunity to act positive for his people. We must always look on the people as the real leadership, and making them participate as soon as possible, in different ways, increasing positivity, by own positive participation.

We will fail some, and we will do some good stuff. It is also important to create positivity about the learning process. I think the UN will fail more if the people look on themselves as the passive part and the UN as the active part.

I do not know the extent of this proposal. It is an experiment, which Earth still has not tried properly.

But it will give us valuable experience. Of all the possible solutions, it seams to me to be the least dangerous, perhaps unless Saddam is putting a bullet in his own head , which also could become dangeorus.

A Saddam Hussain that is cooperating fully in destrying weapons seams to be no solution, because the world, especially the Americans, will have difficulties believing it, no matter what.

The inspections seams they have to be followed up, by more inspections, by more people, more observers, permanently.

And throwing them out once again would mean war. Saddam is a man that have done a lot of terrible things. We have experience from Afghanistan, where transforming to positivity with the existing leaders was a path not chosen.

More diplomacy was not chosen, and now Afganistan may breaking up, separating to different groups, local war-lords, also resulting to American weapons against American weapons.

Aftenposten March 6 th , referring to www. We might from the elected path get to fight down some bad people. We do not have experience from turning them more positive in other way s , by for instance keeping the existing leadership.

I do not think the world have become lesser dangerous with that chosen path Afganistan. The American and Israeli way, acting on their own from their kind of thinking, will not lead to a lesser dangerous world.

What if we choose a multinational force, attacking Iraq? Taking the leaders is not always the same as reducing hate and extremism. The attacking multinational forces could also be unnecessary provocative, and it would be a war solution, killing a lot of innocent people.

That do we have to take, if it shows up to be the final possible solution. We do not have to listen to the Americans to conclude when this is the final possible solution.

Keeping Saddam as the leader seams to be a thought the world has to process a bit more. But being satisfied with the inspections, not getting more control-people into the country, permanently for years , is the same thing, probably worse.

I would not have made that solution; Saddam still being leader, without conferring the Muslim countries in that Area. If they want it, the world will be united about it, and the danger about the experiment would be reduced to a minimum.

Keeping Saddam without UN forces in Iraq could of course be evaluated, for a while, especially if USA, the most dangerous country, acts on their own.

The UN nations have to define it own role, and find out what is extremely important for the future. If the UN manages to handle this, with the Americans behaving well, then I think the UN must get something back from reducing the blockade.

Peace-keeping military and non-millitary non violent forces; many people from the UN, is needed in Iraq. If getting a force into Iraq peacefully, then the Americans would do best listening to communication and observe from space.

But why should I trust the Americans? Why should I trust that the Americans not will reintroduce a negative path with false information and manipulations?

Why should I trust that the Americans not will use frequency weapons? Why do I believe that the Israeli-American coalition is the most probable to try to assassinate Saddam, just to keep his mouth shut?

I know there are a lot of positive forces inside your own country. But I do not trust certain forces inside your own country, those who are influencing your leadership, and now even are your leadership.

I am trying, but I cannot, because of the Americans have fooled the world for decades. If I, a Norwegian, do not trust the Americans, then why should the Iraqis do?

We know that Saddam Hussain is a calculating man. But that is into the calculations, and he will not succeed with more evil.

If he succeeds being as evil as the Americans from this very point, then he in fact could be very evil.

I agree with those American ambassadors in Europe and in other countries who claim George W. Bush is far more dangerous than Saddam Hussain.

If Saddam would not take such an opportunity; still being leader, and getting a released UN politics, then he is nothing worth.

He will not help his own people, and the world will start to believe that he is hiding things, which might be true. It is also a big possibility that he will not accept such a proposal, because of fearing that he will lose control over those who are protecting him.

Then there seams to be no other alternative than a multinational force taking Iraq by military force.

Is the choice then between more people in or making war? The world must not accept the Americans ruling Iraq, because of being hated, being provocateurs and being of too much hamburgers between their ears.

The Americans should be kept away, unless finding people that the UN accepts. If Saddam Hussain accepts the proposal, then a multinational force, also with a lot of non-military people, will just observe, and make some demands, but will not overthrow the leadership, unless the leadership is acting evil.

But it seams to me that we have to set a time-limit for how long Saddam Hussain can rule. His best security for the future, after stepping down from leadership, will be to act well.

I do not think he ever will be a totally free man. That we have to evaluate, for the best of the people of Iraq, what kind of process the UN wants to start.

Their do still exist many contexts to be evaluated and debated. The Iraqis elected that man, and may have to take the future responsibility about that themselves.

We have to put him a place where he can be observed, but where he also can feel secure, in other words; a kind of prison. Saddam will get the choice to create what kind of freedom he will create for himself.

He can dream about the same freedom as past American evil leaders have managed to create for themselves, non confronted by the Americans, not put into prison.

The world would like to put him in court. The world will see with anger that UN protects him against all those people he has made suffer.

Let us put him to court when that time comes. They want to protect their own war-making. They want to protect Ariel Sharon, and they want to kill Saddam Hussain.

Saddam Hussain is really a scared man, behind his mask, even if he wanted to meet Bush in a debate. The Americans wants to kill a lot of people, destroy the infrastructure, create a lot of suffering, just to kill one man.

Perhaps they are even more scared? The one side has a lot muscles , protecting what is between the ears, not just for world security.

The other has not, but can have hidden poisen and more. The world must choose the court-way, even if the Americans are scared for what may come up.

But in countries that are electing their evil leaders, and letting them participate in political parties, the situation is different.

The world has to evaluate from time to time. Let us see when that time comes. Saddam Hussain will with the above solution have every opportunity to play the nice guy for the world and become a Hero for many people.

That means nothing to me, because without weapons he is not dangerous. Even if going to court, he could become a Hero.

That is not dangerous either, even if the Americans would say so and fear it very much. I think it would rather result to a give and take situation between the East and the West, where debates starts functioning, reducing extremism, inside USA, in Muslim countries, and in the rest of the world.

If the extreme Muslims too much make Saddam Hussain a Hero, it will tell a lot against them, like it will tell a lot about the Americans making Bush a Hero, made Osama Bin Laden a war-ally, made Saddam Hussain a war-ally, and is allowing Ariel Sharon to rule American thinking.

But if putting the diverse groups of Earth to observe the world court, I will trust debate and the increasing level of maturity inside every country.

Now the world have become conscious on that there are underlying political goals behind the American Iraq war temper. Not in all of the Americans, but in dark forces of the Americans.

Getting access to oil is one thing. Getting needed enemies is another thing, in their economical situation. The world have not yet become so conscious on the needed enemies.

Both in the Joguslavian war and in the war against Osama Bin Laden and Al Quida, there seemed to be something about the effort factor, or lack of such one, which goal seemed to be to test out the war itself and new weapons.

But first of all the effort factor seems to want to preserve enemies. I have to tell you: It could be very dangerous if such effort factors gets loose during the possible war in Iraq.

I have also read the neither the Iraqis trust you to go directly for Saddam Hussain. I quess your plans for running an American government in Iraq may be to then make more focus on your "axis of evil".

Saddam Hussain was probably not caught during the golf war because certain forces wanted to use him later as an useful enemy, if necessary, or just as a between factor.

But stopping that war that moment was also an event where some forces of light and some forces of darkness were of the same thought. It was difficult to see what was the right thing to do.

I was about 22 years old, and observed the debate after those events. Perhaps we now understand that a leader who have capabilities to take a nation to war against another country would be best to take at once?

Now the situation about Iraq is a bit different. March 2th Mr. Blix found biochemical weapons buried.

Now we have a leader that everybody knows try to fool the world. There is no chance to explain it as a mistake of some militaries.

It has to be the responsibility of the leader. What if USA goes to war from that situation, Saddam having a lot digged downunder the ground?

What about George W. Is he not the most dangeorus war-maker here? Colin Powell, have someone in your country evaluated to remove him non violently?

I cannot see the big difference between USA and Irac. He is a president who have turned his people to go into a very unwise war. Have you capabilities to create crises if you say that you will not be part of this any more?

Would it be even worse if you goes away? These are the times where the world cannot afford that the forces of light becomes hijacked by the forces of darkness.

I am warning you not to become the very gate for the forces of darkness to create the third world war.

Saddam Hussain is not the only danger here. He is a real danger. But not the only one. We have to find the correct balance, not letting loose the dark forces on both sides.

You have your role to play. You are a clever demand putter, and works hard for the world to stand together for the demands.

Your biggest problem is that you are standing among war-rhetorics, provokers and those who wish a war no matter what. Your country have stated that USA may act on its own if the UN are allowing Iraq to mislead and manipulate the inspectors.

You see, we know that possibility. We have seen it. To show it for us, February 5 th , was your duty. And that is what we are acting from now.

You Americans have played your role to show it to the world. But the world have also found out that your angles and views are a bit wrong.

We simply know, that when it is about war, there is a lot of propaganda going on, from both sides March 9 th. Our duty is to disarm Saddam Hussain, not to make war no matter what.

Your duty next time is to share intelligence services, Promptly! Your intelligence services was a card that should be played earlier.

But now there is a very short time period from your speech in the UN February fitht to the new report from the inspector February 14 th , with very little time for the World to ajust opinions and acts.

You are controlling the inspectioning process just as much as you are claiming the Iraqis to do. You are manipulating for your wished war. Do you not see that?

Why are you part of this? Addition februay 27 th Why is George W. Bush raising his voice against the occupation in Isreal and for the Palestinian state?

Why say it now, and not before? Is it just to get lesser resistance before the war? Is it because of needing the voices for your created UN resolution in Iraq?

Is it just to say it before Osama Bin Laden do it this time? Do you not see that it could be a very dangerous manipulation going on, from your side?

Sadly enough, the World also have to evaluate what kind of manipulation that comes from you Americans. First of all, you hijacked the weapon report made by the Iraqis, and censured it.

Then we cannot control how much Western forces have participated in creating the needed enemy. You are influating the rate of interests all over the world, to milk nations in the very best way as you can.

You get economic thinkers all around the world to think in the same ways as you do, probably a lot through secret societies.

Have your own CIA system tested out biological and chemical weapons on people on Earth, more than you ever can imagine?

Is giving it to bad guys a way you use to test it out? Are your people so keen on DNA manipulated food just to create food and new microorganisms that our bodies and its microorganisms not are adapted to?

Your secrecy kind of security thinking slow down political idea-making, and slow down Eartly evolution by decades.

I understand that Kissinger now have withdrawn from his investigation, after disclosures, showing deep throuth to be a very dangerous player.

Do you not see that there could be a very dangerous world manipulation and playing situation here? Are there similarities between those who knew and those who wants war in the Middle East no matter what?

Could it be very dangerous to give such people a war in the Middle East? Do you not see that this could be their key situation? Ariel Sharon have the power.

They have George W. They have Saddam Hussain. They have convinced the Americans about an evil axis. They must act before their secrecy and playing are exposed for ever.

And they have you, participating on convincing the world. They have you, more balanced than the others. A lot will fall for your demanding voice, seemingly a better American voice.

They need you until the war have taken place. My role is to tell the world the possibilities for that strong Kissinger types beyond stage have strong impact on American thinking and politics, creating enemies.

Bush and his minister clan now seams to speak a lot of their power. They need You , Mr. Colin Powell, to be their very gate. They need you as an alibi.

What thoughts is in your head? What loyalty lives in your heart? Will you find your inner loyalty in better ways?

I could fill a book on the American danger and manipulation, you know. In fact this book is filled up with it. It would not have been necessary for me at all to formulate Paraphysics and the politics in this book if the well hidden evil individuals in your own country did not have such power.

It seams now to be exactly what your are doing. If using some of the material you showed in the UN, to make Saddam kneel, it could become a beautiful story, depending on Saddam to give what the UN wants, and the UN to disarm him peacefully.

Then the USA-Israelian dark forces will more and more go lack of needed enemies. I do not think the Americans want to go lack of enemies too soon if the UN concludes it wise to disarm Saddam by war-making.

The Americans wants war no matter what. Do you not see that, and the danger in it, Mr. Why are you playing with them in that way?

If playing the game to let loose the dark forces on both sides, it could become the darkest story of history.

The guilt is more yours the Americans than the other side, even if we often can find more suppression on the other side. Watching religiosity and suppression on both sides, the lower kind of spirit is equally amonted, just different.

I would say the American-Israelian lower spirit is the most dangerous one. The darkness of The Eastern side is more obvious to us, perhaps because of being different religious.

From the Eastern side the Western form of darkness becomes very obvious. Birgit Klein in "I am the way, the truth, and life" , page 45, writes: Anybody can sacrifice an animal, whoever can go to a religious feast and look holy.

But Gods will lies in the in the ordinary secular life, as a demand for pretty usual humanity, love and helpfulness.

On the western side have the manipulation forces understood they will achieve more by hiding and playing the white forces.

Lack of detecting that manipulation is the most dangerous. It is even more difficult to detect it when chief structures of it is existing in secret societies.

Why are the Sirians a part of this darkest game? But first I ask: Is Colin Powell a Sirian? Some days before sending you - Mr. It was you stepping into my dream, strictly demanding me to hurry up and send you what I was writing on.

I did not take it seriously, but worked hard anyway, because the times needed it. I sent you the merchandise some days later, late on april 7.

It failed to come to George W. I do not know if anybody takes of their time to read my stuff though, but I am participating in the best way as I know and can.

I do not know what that dream was, if it was something from my own consciousness, if it was a vawe-packet I was picking up in the ether or if someone was sending me the stuff.

But it gradually got me the idea that you might be a Sirian project, as Jesus probably was as well. Someone from a New Age environment claimed you in year or to be an alien project, probably after reading some stuff.

I have observed your acts, your behaviour, and it seams to me that you are a soul from the spiritual hierarchical political tradition, where the ways to put the demands and how to unite seams to be a common structure of the thought system itself.

I have not placed you to that position before pretty resently, and my dream was to great help for that. I do of course not know if I am correct about it.

You are probably a Sirian project, but are probably mostly left on your own, judging for yourself. You are not constantly taking "orders", but have to feel on, use logics, evaluate and improve, as normal growing individuals.

As I stated in the chapter "Atomic weapons, frequency weapons and consciousness" , the Americans made use of frequency weapons in Kosovo, resulting to the many canser instances.

The canser was not made of impoverished uranium. Now the Americans have stated they may use frequency weapons in Iraq, to ruin electronic circuits.

And more I guess. Using frequency weapons in Kosovo, in that "light" form, was I given a inner beep on.

I am not telling you to belive me, but I believe it myself. I suspected it, but did not dare to believe in it. I suspected it again, and got a beep on it, as a beep to my thinking.

The beep on "planting nuclear boms" was something I did not suspect on forehand. I do not know if I ruin for myself by telling about my inner friends.

I just want to be honest, not use it as a power-statement, where I cannot find other references. If some readers gets lesser beliefs in me because of telling about that source, that is good, because I do not want to convince you, especially not in wrong terms.

That is for your own judgment. I am presenting my truths, naked for you. Even if by that making the environment crises. Even if the Americans by their secrecy and economic thinking have created more cruelty than the second world war.

I have continued these views in this chapter, but you may be read them independently of that chapter. Americans, Zionists and Annuakis are speaking about enemies, where the Annuakies, from planet Niburu, seems to be the top structure, which other determined dark forces in the Universe of the same negativity also could channelling there agendas through.

It would be natural to try to hijack the chief structure of a planet. Other claim the Illiminatus to be the top structure. They have I lesser knowledge about.

But different negative agendas may be runned in different ways, not all throught the chief structure, but through factors that may become a chief structure.

If their comes a dark leader, it seams to me he will come throught the existing chief structure. Not throught other terrorists.

The galactic imperialist could of course run a lot of their agendas through terrorists, but they will be seated in the chief structures.

They will never run their agendas fully throught terrorist, that even not are capable to unite in hierarchical structures, even if they are bearing hierarchical religious minds, which is very anti-hierarchical to other hierarchies.

They will run their agendas throught those with weapons, technology, and chief minds of world security, hijacking them, telling about space alien dangers, to come as protectors, to a planet of fallen soul.

To do that they simply have to infiltrate and be seated where the real power is. And they have to lower the spiritual rising of the planet, because that is their only way to not be exposed.

Dear reader, I am arguing from speculations here, what I feel. But when the Americans are speaking of the alien danger, I ask you to read their words inwords, and read the hearts of the individuals the words are coming from.

Nearly all their words seams to me to be projections of themselves. Read also the hearts of the spokespersons.

From what common heart do their voices come from? Who are the Annuakies? How can they influence? How can some of the hearts of people of Earth be the hearts of Annuakies?

There is a lot of quotations from top politicians, American politics, telling about Alien danger. The presidents are not of the most informed, but some were necessarily convinced.

If starting with Iraq, successfully, then American aggression and manipulation will be hard to stop, taking country by country, not rising the hearts of Earthlings, not getting rid of limited politics, but war-ifying it, with belonging emotions.

The real Alien danger needs Earth to look on the Universe with the eyes of Alien danger. Untuk itu lakukan sinkronisasi untuk mengirimkan nama2 tsb ke server.

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