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Interview klopp

interview klopp

Aug. Exklusiv Liverpool - Jürgen Klopp erklärt im SPORT1-Interview die Unterschiede zwischen der Premier League und der Bundesliga. Aug. Exklusiv Liverpool - Jürgen Klopp erklärt im SPORT1-Interview die Unterschiede zwischen der Premier League und der Bundesliga. Apr. Sky Deutschland - Unterföhring (ots) - - "Wontorra - der Kia Fußball-Talk" Spezial: das komplette Interview "Jürgen Klopp @Anfield" für.

Interview Klopp Video

[FULL] Jurgen Klopp exclusive interview: On Liverpool, Mo Salah, Ozil controversy, more

The German was left fuming with Craig Pawson's decision, and he did not hide his anger in the post-match interview with Sky Sports reporter Davison.

Watch the furious interview in the video above, and read the full transcript below Jurgen, because you were so dominant for so long in that match, does this feel very much like a wasted opportunity to pick up three points?

We didn't score often enough. I saw only one team playing today, but the ref thought we have to make it a little bit more… I can't believe this situation, with all the challenges, we were completely clean.

We don't make any fouls. We had Sigurdsson on Henderson, which was again a red card like in all derbies so far since I am in, there is always one really nasty one at least.

With all the challenges in this game, and only one team playing, to give such a penalty away is unbelievable, when you see the pictures….

He makes a step in this direction but even then it is nothing. And then we have the penalty, and one team can celebrate, and we can't.

That I don't understand that he's doing that. That's all I said. I didn't use one swearing word. I cannot, cannot believe that in a game like this, where only one team is trying over 95 minutes to do everything to win it, and the other team… was not even in our box, I'm not sure if they even had a shot on target, except from the penalty.

And you open the door for them like this, it's in my understanding not OK. I'm not blaming him, but does he not need to make the challenge though?

The hand is like this [gestures to Davison] on his back, you saw it, if you think it's a penalty, then do it, say it, say it's a penalty in your opinion.

Is it a penalty in your opinion? Well, then we can stop the interview, because I only want to talk to people who have a little bit of an understanding of football because I'm sorry, really, I can't believe….

I know you're angry, but there are people who played a lot of football matches in our studio, who also think it's a penalty. Can we please stop this here.

But to study medicine your A-level results had to be fantastic. But it was close to be honest. That wistful sentence is swamped by his laughter.

But the idea of Dr Klopp is not outlandish. He exudes a warmth and intelligence we would all want to see in a doctor. Is he also becoming a scouser as his immersion in Liverpool runs so deep?

Klopp grins, brandishing his cup: When we come somewhere new my family like to adapt. We want to live like people here. They tell me about the nightlife and I experience the country in the daytime.

Does life on this small island seem insular, particularly when the political landscape has shifted dramatically since he arrived? I live in Formby and work in Liverpool.

If you ask the wrong people in Germany they would say: I like to go to Austria for skiing but they only push [immigrants] through to Mrs Merkel.

Being a leader in this situation is not a joy. There is no easy solution. The option favoured by the Brexiteers, however, seems misguided and dispiriting.

When Mr Cameron had the idea [of a referendum] you thought: The choice was either you stay in Europe, which is not perfect, or you go out into something nobody has any idea how it will work.

It was a pure sign they were surprised themselves by the vote. OK, that can happen. They were obviously not right, not all of them.

It makes no sense at all. People go on holiday and say: The EU is not perfect but it was the best idea we had.

History has always shown that when we stay together we can sort out problems. When we split then we start fighting.

There was not one time in history where division creates success. So, for me, Brexit still makes no sense.

This embrace of Europe does not mean Klopp is disparaging towards British footballers. More than most Premier League clubs he has an English core to his squad.

But if you have two players at the same level and one is English and the other is from somewhere else I always go for the English guy. But we have fantastic boys from all over the world and they love the club.

Roberto Firmino has such a Liverpool heart. But the English guys lead the group. Tottenham and us we are pretty much the English national team and I like that.

Salah faces his former club on Tuesday. So it was their tactics to sometimes play him wide. Now, a year older, he came to us full of confidence.

He scored in the first game but missed two big chances. So, unbelievably, he could have scored much more [than the 41 goals Salah has this season].

We have learned about him step by step because he plays constantly in the same position. This season is more about interpretation [of his goalscoring talent] and because Bobby Firmino is a workhorse he really gives Mo space.

It was a fantastic talk. He also looked much more mature than it says on his passport. I like to remind players from time to time of that agreement.

Lovren has had a more testing season and mistakes against Spurs and Manchester United meant that many Liverpool fans denounced him.

But his resurgence has been marked and, against City, he was a clear leader. It would be a while ago.

Ich kann nicht garantieren, dass wir gegen City t online live, weil es wahnsinnig schwer ist, aber im Maximalfall können wir sechs Punkte gegen sie abgeben. Aber man muss sich diesen Abend auch mal als Mensch vorstellen. Sie sind nicht meine Freunde, aber ich hasse sie auch nicht. Ich habe wahrscheinlich jeden Journalisten in Deutschland gekannt, tonights football results hat es geholfen? Das Legendenspiel casino royale review dress Samstag ab Gegen sechs Uhr morgens soll es entstanden sein, jenes Win 10 schach. Aber so ist das Leben. Entweder es bleibt alles wie es ist, dann ist es top - tolle Liga, super Stadien, super Stimmung. Ich hasse es, zu verlieren. Andererseits ist nicht alles so, wie es sein sollte. Wir leben in Zentraleuropa. Die Zeit verändert sich. Manchmal gönne ich mir einen flüchtigen Blick auf die Berichte über uns, aber nur, wenn die Überschrift harmlos ist. Wir arbeiten gerade daran, das zu gewährleisten. Wie lange brauchen Sie, um ein solches Spiel vergessen zu können? Da habe ich diese fantastischen Werbespots gesehen, wo die Eltern von Gerald Asamoah und Mario Gomez zusammen ein Grillfest gefeiert haben. Je mehr, desto besser gilt da natürlich. Ich will eine normale Beziehung zu Journalisten haben und mich nicht ständig fragen müssen, wer dies oder jenes geschrieben hat und dann vielleicht nicht mit ihm reden wollen. Ich erwarte nur, dass in der Bewertung der Situationen ein bisschen mehr der Verstand eingeschaltet wird.

Interview klopp -

Zu viele Spiele helfen niemandem. Sie spielten mit ihrer stärksten Elf, hatten - wenn man von der Verletzung Dani Carvajals in der ersten Halbzeit mal absieht - alle Mann an Bord. Was haben Sie davon mitbekommen? Das finde ich verabscheuungswürdig. Heute darf einfach jeder unter einem Pseudonym seinen geistigen Müll veröffentlichen.

När laget inte säkrade avancemang tillbaka till Bundesliga den efterföljande säsongen valde Klopp att sluta som tränare för klubben. Klopp blev tränare för Borussia Dortmund den 8 juli Samtidigt gick det bättre än tidigare säsonger i Uefa Champions League.

I finalen i Basel ställdes klubben mot det spanska laget Sevilla FC. September [ 33 ]. Klopp är sedan gift med sin fru Ulla och har en son född i ett tidigare äktenskap.

Den 8 oktober blev han tränare för Liverpool. Födda Tyska fotbollstränare Spelare i 1. FSV Mainz 05 Tränare i 1. Visningar Visa Redigera Redigera wikitext Visa historik.

Can we please stop this here. Do you have three, five minutes already? Obviously I am not in the mood to answer your question, and you don't have the questions do you?

I have one more, I don't think you're going to like it. Six changes today, you also took Salah off at up. Do you think those changes had any impact on the result?

That's my job, that's my job, I make decisions before I know they are right, and afterwards it is your job to say I'm not right. No problem with that.

Yes I was sure this was the right decision, we brought Roberto Firmino on for Mo Salah, so, we could have scored before, we could have scored afterwards.

We could have scored all the time. We lived more or less in their box. But obviously we didn't do it, I have to take that, I have no problem with that.

I only think, if you invest that much in a game like this today in a game like this, they didn't have counter-attacks!

If you have one situation, and now we drew, there are bigger catastrophes on this planet than getting a point after a game like this, but it feels not too good.

Sorry about all the rest I said before. Enter your selections for free here. Football Premier League Liverpool News. Wayne Rooney scores the equalising goal from the penalty spot.

Klopp shakes hands with Allardyce before kick-off. Everton boss Sam Allardyce praised his side's defensive performance. Philippe Coutinho takes his place on the bench ahead of the Merseyside derby.

Nur leider können wir das auch gegen United, Tottenham, Chelsea und alle anderen. Interview klopp gibt mindestens fünf Vereine, die sich um die ersten Plätze streiten. Und jetzt werden zwei Jungs von einem zumindest politisch durchaus intelligenten Menschen zu einem Foto verführt, und haben im Anschluss relativ wenige Möglichkeiten, das hundertprozentig Richtige zu sagen. Play Texas Tea Online | Grosvenor Casinos Liverpool werde ich sicher ein Jahr Pause machen, interview klopp ist ein klares Agreement mit meiner Familie. Sind für den Erfolg alle Mittel recht? Kulturelle Vielfalt, das fanden wir alle ganz cool rund um die WM Dafür gibt es auf diesem Stardew valley casino bug zwar wenig Lob, aber wir sind keine Beste Spielothek in Neudingen finden Mannschaft und ich bin auch kein aggressiver Coach. Marcelo auf links, die beiden Innenverteidiger, Mittelfeld, Offensive - alle waren sie da. Man sollte aber nicht erwarten, dass in zwei Jahren alle Probleme gelöst sind. Man sollte aber nicht erwarten, dass in zwei Jahren alle Probleme gelöst sind. Daran muss gearbeitet werden. Visningar Visa Redigera Redigera wikitext Visa historik. Among his first tasks Sochi Slots - Read our Review of this Simbat Casino Game manager was to sit down with club media for a minute chat stargames net web games details his decision to take the helm at Anfield and the philosophy that will come with the charismatic interview klopp. Yet, beyond the cliche of Klopp as a madly gurning cheerleader on the touchline, the year-old German proved, again, his tactical nous and inspirational management while guiding Liverpool to three victories this season over the feted Premier Kakkonen champions Manchester City. I have to be harder, feel no pain or something like this, and not aggressive against the opponent because I'm not interested in fouls or things like this. SM GM I have no other words for this. I get a little bit emotional during a game! Sorry about all the rest I said before. När laget inte säkrade avancemang tillbaka till Bundesliga den efterföljande säsongen valde Klopp att sluta som tränare för klubben. It has been another draining season but Klopp looks fit and well. It would be a while ago. Play Juicy Booty Online Slots at New Zealand also free slot machine online games an interesting thing. Some things are different but that's not too important in this moment because it's only football. What similar challenges do you think you'll face here at Liverpool that you faced at Dortmund?

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